Spindrift on the Astral Sea

"Completely in the Nude"

Our Resting Place

From the Journal of Arroan Roj-Aires: Day 3, Midnight: I cannot sleep. I find myself completely distressed by the disappearance of Melian. My thoughts are consumed by my concern for her. As for her strange, shape-shifiting aquaintence, I care not if he lives or if he perishes.

Twilight: I tried again to sleep. I could not get comfortable lying on my left side, so I rolled to my right. As I rolled I saw the monk sleeping near me, completely in the nude, with his front side turned toward me. After seeing this I decided to stay awake for the rest of the night. The behavior of the monk often seems unbecoming of a holy man. I sense in him a disdain for his fellow man.

The small flaming one is still awake, as she is our guard for the night. I eyed her from a distance; she seemed to notice, for she turned away. Across the room is Laurel, curled up with her Ocelot. Such a magnificent creature is that cat.

Early Morning: We are all of us awake now. The monk remained in the nude for most of the morning, only putting on his robes before we left our resting place. I could not help but stare on occasion. He seemed to take some offense to this, though he said nothing of it.

We attempted to decipher Everett’s journal. His style of writing is quite sloppy, but we found multiple references to a ritual involving a particular planar alignment. Also something about defeating death. The final pages of the journal made my blood run cold. Written in a frenzied hand, these pages speak of finding fresh hosts for completing the ritual, and something about “siphoning the raven’s power.” Could Melian be one of the hosts he speaks of? Could we convince him to make a trade? Perhaps we could give him one of the other women in exchange for her. He can keep the shape-shifter.



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