Spindrift on the Astral Sea

Ghostface Killah

The Courtyard

From the Journal of Arroan Roj-Aires: Day 3, Late Afternoon: We are well rested now, and at full strength thanks to the healing magic of Laurel. We found a good deal of gold and some vials of “cleaning solution” on the person of the janitor. Most anything of value in the room itself was destroyed by cat urine, including the beautiful gnomish lace table cloth. However, we did manage to find several bolts of a strange synthetic cloth. I shall dub it “fauxmish lace.” Hehe.

I have chills running up and down my spine. Pieter has just tried on a mask he found in the room. As he put the mask on, it seemed to bond with the flesh of his face. It then began to glow and become translucent. Finally, it contorted into a horrific, ghoulish expression, screamed like a bloody banshee, and then absorbed directly into Pieter’s forehead. I peed a little. I hope no one noticed.

We are preparing to follow the tracks of Melian and the other one we have lost. I do hope that we find her very soon.



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