Spindrift on the Astral Sea

Melian and What's-His-Face

Everett's Lair

From the Journal of Arroan Roj-Aires: Day 3, Nightfall: Tis been a glorious day, and I am in high spirits as I prepare for bed. Not even Pieter with his shameless nudity nor the demon living in his skull can dampen my spirits. Let me recount for you the day’s epic conclusion.

After our rest, we followed Melian’s tracks to a heavy, locked door. A strange light was coming from underneath the door, accompanied by mechanical sounds, something that sounded like chanting, and a strange, acrid smell. Pieter carefully unlocked the doors, and then Aquelle kicked them wide open and burst into the room. She is quite bold for someone so small.

We all followed Aquelle’s lead and strode boldly into the room. There in the center was a marvelous, intricate contraption, some kind of mechanical model of the planar system. I had a feeling at that point that we were ultimately going to do a lot of damage to that machine, and I must admit that I felt a little bit guilty about it.

I quickly forgot about the machine though as I looked about the room and I saw the fair Melian! Inside a giant crystal! With tubes sticking out of her! I couldn’t help but feel intense anger well up inside me as I imagined all the terrible things that might have been done to her. Oh, I should mention that the shape-shifter was in a similar predicament on the other side of the room.

Blinded by rage, I frantically looked about the room for the foul demon responsible for this debauchery. In the darkness of the farthest corner of the room stood a being. He could only be the infamous Everett. He was chanting, and he was ignoring us. Or so it seemed. Without turning toward us, he pointed to the ground. A strange glowing pattern appeared on the floor, and shadows began moving about the room in strange, unnatural ways. On top of it all, an army of corpses awoke and seemed to rise from somewhere beneath the floor. I am beginning to develop a strong disdain for walking corpses.



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