Spindrift on the Astral Sea


The Haunted House

From the Journal of Arroan Roj-Aires: Day 1, Late Evening: Laurel and I have joined a party with similar interests to our own. We happened upon this party quite unexpectedly. I have decided to start a new journal specifically to chronicle my time with this party.

Laurel and I were sent to this place by our master to learn what exactly is going on here. As of yet we have no answer. We came with a small group of trained soldiers. All of them were overcome by a sickness that we can’t explain. They became almost corpse-like, and then turned on us. We had to kill each and every one of them.

When we first met the others we were in the courtyard of this place, battling more of the corpse monsters. There seemed to be no end to them. We were the both of us exhausted and wounded, and we seemed to be trapped.

I heard a door to the courtyard open, and a small person completely engulfed in flame peered out. She stared at me for a moment, and then slammed the door shut. A minute or so passed, and she opened the door again. This time, the entire party stepped into the courtyard and joined Laurel and I in battle. With their help, the walking corpses were quickly vanquished.

The party agreed to let us join them. For this I am grateful, and I’m sure Laurel feels the same. Besides the small flaming one, the party consists of a holy man, a strange little fellow who keeps changing his face, and a lovely Eladrin bard named Melian. The names of the others I have not yet learned.

I made sure to properly introduce myself to Melian, unbuttoning my shirt before first approaching her. I showed her my long bow, and made sure that she understood just how long it was. I think she was quite impressed. The little fireball woman made a joke about my long bow being aflame. The others laughed. I did not appreciate this. But because Melian laughed, I did as well. I would hate for her to think I lack a sense of humor.

We are currently at a safe resting place in a comfortable room inside the manor. We have with us now a prisoner. Melian is quite diplomatic it seems, and she insisted we retain one of our more agreeable enemies for questioning. I suppose we shall interrogate him in the morning.

Tomorrow will be a grueling day, I believe, but tonight I shall sleep soundly with pleasant thoughts of the fair maid Melian and her beautiful golden hair and piercing bright blue eyes.



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