Spindrift on the Astral Sea

Setting Fire to the Rain

Another Room Full of Corpses

From the Journal of Arroan Roj-Aires: Day 3, Early Afternoon: I am exhausted from battle. Laurel is currently healing us all. While I recover my strength, I shall try my best to recount the events of the last several hours.

We followed the tracks of Melian and the shape-shifter to a large door. Strangely, Laurel dropped to her hands and knees as though she was like the beast she keeps as a companion. She reported to us that the room behind the door smelled of rotting flesh and warm, soapy water, scented lightly with lemon. The little one, I think they call her ‘Adele’, carefully pushed the door open. Inside was a sanitation engineer, scrubbing the floor vigorously. Preparing for battle, I cracked my neck. I tried to be discreet in doing so, but the sound ripped through the hall like a crack of thunder. The custodian slowly turned toward us and paused. Suddenly, he was surrounded by those hideous animated corpses that we have been battling. The others turned and looked at me with disgust. Oh how I loathe the sounds my body makes now that I am no longer a youth.

I had little time to wallow in shame, however, as Laurel sent her Ocelot roaring into battle. I swore in amazement to all the gods I could think of as the beast shredded one of the corpses. The brutality was unlike anything I had witnessed in many, many decades. Unfortunately, another corpse, or something like a corpse, threw itself upon that magnificent cat and the poor animal suffered some significant wounds.

Not to be outdone, Adele quickly followed Laurel’s Ocelot by summoning a rain of fire. Several of the monsters burst into flame, and the monk (I think they call him Peter, or is it Piter?) vaporized them with a wall of apparently pure energy. I must admit, until now I have not thought highly of this party, but their abilities in combat have proven quite impressive.

After such impressive attacks, I felt that I needed to prove my worth, so kicked the door open as impressively as possible and grabbed two flaming arrows from my quiver and let them fly. Both hit, though not as true as I had hoped. I don’t know exactly what happened next, but we all suddenly found ourselves lying on the ground, as though we had been knocked down by something immense and invisible moving with great speed. The janitor screamed at us for bloodying the floor.

The Ocelot quickly rose to it’s feet and sprang toward a corpse. It ripped the leg clean off of the foul monster, and we all shared a laugh as we watched it hobble about the room. The laughter ended as Adele turned herself into an intense ball of flame. The corpses moved slowly toward her, perhaps thinking that she was some kind of delicious barbecue. Corpses are stupid. Adele let loose her power, and several of the hideous creatures were reduced to ashes. Only two remained.

One of the monsters attacked the monk (I am settling on Pieter as the spelling of his name). He turned toward it with a look of pure, unbridled hatred in his eyes. So much hatred. Years upon years of it, pent up inside. He called forth the power of the ‘drunken monkey’ (perhaps one of his gods?) and then pounded the despicable corpse-monster into submission with a series of lightning quick punches. He picked up the broken body of the thing and hurled it at the remaining corpse. The body shattered into many pieces when it struck the monster, but the monster did not fall. I fixed that by literally blowing its face off with a perfectly placed arrow.



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