Tramorn Wyrmeye

Old Dragonborn Merchant in Gloomwrought


The owner and operator of Tramorn’s Curiosities, Tramorn Wyrmeye is a moderately successful merchant in the Dust District in Gloomwrought. Specializing in magical paraphernalia, Tramorn’s shop contains a wide range of items from enchanted weaponry to ritual aids.

Known for squeezing as much profit as possible from every deal, regulars to the Dust District know that any transaction with Tramorn will be necessarily preceded with a long process of haggling. It is rumored that beyond trafficking magical goods Tramorn also deals in information, but Tramorn refutes these claims, maintaining his identity as a “simple trader.”

Tramorn recently sold Damaran’s Cane and Jansen’s Cloak of Resistance to a group of travelers and rumor reports that he himself was swindled in the exchanges. Tramorn’s only response to these rumors involves grumbling and, for the more motivated inquirers, violently thrown objects.

Tramorn Wyrmeye

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