Songbow of Summer's Quiver

A Songbow used by a special unit of Titania's personal forces

weapon (ranged)

The bow itself appears to have grown into its current form, composed of sleek lines without any visible seams or joints. The bow has a green sheen to it and vines wrap around it in intricate knotted patterns. When held in a passing breeze, the faint sound of music can be heard.

Currently, Melian is conducting the bow’s music as she works to keep her party afloat in the chaotic events around them and Odo’s attempts to tempt her into less wise courses of action.


This bow was found in the hold of the first ship the crew scavenged. Belmorn had it identified by a friend in Sigil specializing in magical artifacts of the Feywild. This was a bow granted to a special unit of archers from the Feywild known as Summer’s Quiver. They are known for striking their enemies with such precision and orderliness that the sound of their bowstrings in unison create a music of their own.

Songbow of Summer's Quiver

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